Thursday, 17 July 2014

On homosexuality....

Sometimes there are things that I really feel choked with if I don't write about them. Homosexuality topic was so much on facebook news lately that the need to say my opinion (not that many of you would care for it lol!) became eventually greater than the need to finish my everyday chores.

I really don't get it. Would anyone tell me frankly what is this fuss all about? Maybe I am super-stupid, but I genuinely can't see what is the difference between homo and hetero sexuality.  Can somebody explain to me how is preferring apples to oranges, makes it better than preferring oranges to apples?! There should be a trick somewhere! And amazingly that trick must be so great that it not only disturbs the whole society out there, but is also enough to be involved in the civil law itself! In other words, preferring apples to oranges can make you a criminal! That should be a clear message to every parent to educate their kids so that they never mess us with the apples business. 

I was never good in the religious books (not totally true, I did read a lot of Tao during my parent-less years). However, religious points of view could only explain the social paranoia but not the legal one, which is supposed to be civil. In the Greek times, homosexuality was totally normal, sometimes even preferred to the hetero type. So now we are supposed to be moving forward or backward in this anti-homo attitude of our species? I must have missed the point in history, when homosexuality was proven wrong! But no matter how much I read (not that much really!) I truly can't find that proof. 

I try to put aside my firm belief that every woman and man has some degree of homosexuality in her/him, and imagine why would I actually care if someone around me is homosexual? Does it make my life any different? Why should it matter to anyone at all? Let alone the Government!  

But the society becomes obsessed with homosexuality to a degree that the label "abnormal" is not enough for it, it actually becomes illegal. Personally, it amazes me how the same "rightful" society is totally cool with all the inequality on women and other stone-age sides of the Lebanese law! So, you actually start to wonder about the real intentions of a society, which closes its eyes on barbaric injustice and  makes itself busy persecuting personal freedom of choice. 

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